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At Mining4Talent we offer a specialised research service to companies that require unique personnel. Let us do the work for you.

Our philosophy is that your company is our company and when your company succeeds so do we. We are here to be part of your team and provide all the necessary resources and support for you to achieve your goal

We act under the name/umbrella of each consultant.

Our services include:

  • Market Mapping: We will correlate your company's requirements with the appropriate list of candidates to ensure that final selection is a good match.
  • Professional References request
  • Candidates' filtering.

In some cases we find it is not necessary to contract all the services of a consultancy. We will select only what is appropriate and efficient for your needs.

Our research service locates only the professionals of interest to you. We guarantee the final list of candidates will be the most appropriate for your needs. A full report on each candidate will be supplied to your Human Resources Team.

Our services include:

  • Using Market Mapping method will correlate the list of appropriate candidates to your exact requirements. Our services include a full search and identify strategy which will continue until the selected candidate is incorporated on to your payroll.
  • Professional References reques
  • Candidates' filtering
  • Salary studies


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