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Career advice to Executives
Coaching process

Advice in labour matters by specialized Attorneys: Negotiation of contracts, level of compensation, exclusivity clauses etc...

Career Counseling to Executives

A clean departure from the previous company, the signing of a new contract, negotiation and modification of executive clauses, etc ..... are situations that raise doubts and require expert counselling from an expert attorney in managerial positions

Our services include:

  • Company's exit strategies counselling, agreements' negotiation and drafting, compensation calculations including managerial position's own wage concepts, wage raise negotiations, etc.
  • Counselling in the incorporation to a new company: job offer, pre-contract, contract and additional clauses to the existing ones etc…
  • You consult on exclusivity clauses, no post contractual concurrence, schedule availability, et

The fundamental aim of this coaching is to help executives accept their areas of improvement, extend their personal vision and demonstrate their capability to accept new realities and extend their capacity of action.

Thus, he or she will develop new strategies, new forms of communication and behaviour and will acquire new skills. Developing to the maximum their potential.

Our services include:

  • Team Coaching
  • Group Coaching l
  • Individual Coaching: Executive Coaching (of strategic competitions reinforcement and development).
  • Coaching of careers planning.
  • Coaching of integration and promotion.


•  It facilitates and promotes the development of the persons in the organizational area and accelerates their adjustment to new realities and professional growth process.

•  It improves the executives and their teams' professional results


Counseling in your professional change

a) Counseling in your CV:

Your CV should reflect your best aspects and your most important key skills. We provide counselling services to determine how to create that perfect CV .

b) Counseling in interviews:

A good interview needs preparation. We help you prepare interviews in Spanish and in English.

Previous (anticipated) request of appointment.

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